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毎日新聞の英文記事、主婦および看護師を始めとする医療従事者の怒りを買う(その54)OASの調査の出典となっているライアン・コネルの"Face of the Weekend(2003/07/10)"の記事全文

 2008-07-20 毎日新聞の英文記事、主婦および看護師を始めとする医療従事者の怒りを買う(その52)毎日新聞英文版のライアン・コネルの記事が米州機構(OAS)の人身売買に関する調査の「出典」になっている件→追記あり



Face of the Weekend
Spicy Anita caught with finger in honey pot
By Ryann Connel
Staff Writer
July 10, 2003

Anita, the Japanese taxpayer cheater, is back in hot water again, this time not so much for her ill-gotten hoard, but because of women she is supposed to have whored, according to Shukan Bunshun(7/10).

"For the first five days, Anita stayed with us and taught us all about the job. She picked up my first customer. He was a Japanese guy about 25. He was a nice guy. I had a boyfriend in Chile, so I'd had sex before, but it was the first time I'd ever acted as a prostitute. I felt sick and scared. Thinking about it makes me want to cry, " says Claudia Rios, one of the two women accusing Anita Alvarado of bringing them to Japan to serve as sex slaves.

Chilean Anita first gained notoriety in Japan after she received the lion's share of 1.4 billion yen her Japanese husband Yuji Chida embezzled from his former employer, Aomori Prefectural Housing Supply Public Corp. She spent the money lavishly in her homeland, where she has become a star, referred to as the "Chilean Geisha", and producing CD, a collection of nude photos and a best selling biography.

But Anita's good fortune seems to have deserted her. She's now embroiled in a series of bitter legal battles to keep her ill-gotten gains. And now lifelong friends Claudia and Joanna Escobar have gone public to expose Anita for acting as a madam.

"I've known Anita since I was nine as we grew up in the same part of ( the Chilean capital of )Santiago. She prostituted me when I was only 19, back in 1997. She had just returned from Japan for second time. She told us she was about marrying Chida and wonted to enjoy her last moments as a single woman, so we had a huge party for about 10 girls. Anita asked me then if I was interested in going to Japan and told me she would lend me the money for a ticket if I was," Claudia tells Shukan Bunshun. "Anita told me I could work in a restaurant Chida owned. I would get paid 2,000 dollars a month. It was a dream-like sum. I was a little worried, but told Anita that I would go. Joanna, myself and another woman who later pulled out of the trip said we would go. Joanna had also grown up with Anita. Joanna, Anita, myself and two guys traveled as a group together. "

After initially being refused entry to the United States, where they planned to get a connecting flight, the group, with the addition of Anita's 8-year-old daughter from an earlier liaison, finally arrived at Tokyo's Narita Airport in September 1997, entering Japan on three-month tourist visas. They stayed for a week at an apartment belonging to a Peruvian, never leaving the premises until they finally boarded a bullet train for Nagoya.

"On the day we arrived in Nagoya, we stayed at the apartment belonging to a Chilean girlfriend of Anita's. The day after that, we shifted to an apartment Anita had set up for us. Nobody had been living there, but Anita bought all the furniture and we started to inhabit the apartment, " Claudia says. "That night, we were taken by taxi to a place called Nayabashi. Here, they told us for the first time that we were expected to work as prostituted to repay the money for our trip. We were made to be streetwalkers. The restaurant job was all a lie. And Anita, who up until then I thought had been kind, suddenly did a complete about-face. She became like a witch. We couldn't get home, so we had to do what she said. Anita had ties with local yakuza. Anita told us that we had to return 3 million yen within three months. We also had to pay the local yakuza protection money to be allowed to turn tricks on the streets."

Nagoya's Nayabashi ranks along with Tokyo's Okubo, Ikebukuro and Kinchicho districts as havens for South American Prostitutes in Japan. About 50 streetwalkers serviced Nayabashi at the time, the vast majority of them Colombian. Claudia and Joanna were the only Chilean prostitutes. They paid the yakuza 4000 yen a day so they could ply their wares.

"On slow days, I did two guys, while a busy day could see me service as many as nine. I couldn't pay back the 3 million yen in three months. It took me six months in the end. Anita's visa ran out during that time, so she left Japan. We had to give our money to her male friend. When I'd paid off my debts, I worked a little bit longer to save up some money for myself. But my visa had run out, so I was arrested and deported in September 1998, " Claudia says.

Joanna, older by three years, was less fortunate.

"I was arrested much earlier, but somebody had already stolen my passport, so I was locked away for one month. I couldn't return all my debts to Anita. I fell 300,000 yen short and had no chance to make any money for myself, " Joanna tells Shukan Bunshun. "Anita was pretty dumb at school, but she was nice girl. Her family members are strict Catholics, so she couldn't do anything bad. When we got to Japan, Anita was never violent, but she harped on to me every day about the money I owed her. I thought that Anita was my friend, but she betrayed me."


Claudia Rios, one of the two women accusing Anita Alvarado of bringing them to Japan to serve as sex slaves.

の"sex slaves"という表現が、果たして文春の原文でどうなっていたかが気になっている。


 sex slaves

論題 チリ人女性が告発 私たちはアニータに日本で売春させられた (憤激ワイド キミたちに明日はない)
ページ 35〜36

 reported on two women accusing Anita Alvarado of bringing them to Japan to serve as sex slaves. July 10, 2003.
 Spicy Anita caught with finger in honey pot

 "sex slaves"という語を生かすために、意図的に二次資料であるライアン・コネルの抄訳を使った
 堤要 九州女子大教授


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